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Data Protection & Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2023: keeping data secure and compliant

On the 17th annual Data Privacy Day — also known as Data Protection Day — we explore what organisations need to consider this year when it comes to keeping data secure and compliant with regulations

Data Protection & Privacy

Data privacy: why consent does not equal compliance


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AI & Machine Learning

How AI could be a game-changer for data privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

Digital self defense: Is privacy tech killing AI?

Data Protection & Privacy

Why a data privacy officer should be your company’s next hire

Data Analytics & Data Science

The role that data will play in our future

Governance, Risk and Compliance

The role of organisational culture in data privacy and transparency

Business & Strategy

Privacy, trust, and personalisation: a winnable paradox?

Data Protection & Privacy

Why large companies fall foul of rising data privacy legislation


Network from home: how data privacy and security responsibilities must be shared